Especially for Those Who Like to Read About Alien Worlds

Especially for Those Who Like to Read About Alien Worlds

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Title: For Love and Glory

Author: Paul Anderson

Publish Date: 2003

Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates

Type: Novel

Genre: Sci-Fi

Sub-Genre: Artifacts, Space Travel, Spacecraft, Advanced Technology, Romance, Alien Worlds, Black Holes, Aliens, Stellar Phenomenon, Advanced Medicine, Robots

Plot Summary:

Artifacts and remnants from an advanced race of people known as Forerunners offer up tremendous data and information that has tremendous research value to whichever space faring species has it. The technological advances gained so far from that research made locating more artifacts a top priority for independent knowledge traders, like Hebo and Dzesi.

Scouring the galaxy for artifacts they wind up at Jonna and run into a scientific survey ship from a planet called Asborg. The survey leaders Karl and Lissa work together with the traders to discover the secret of the artifact Hebo had previously uncovered.

Now a new artifact may be found around a large star, all but neglected until Hebo decides there is probably a survey station on one of the planets circling it. With a potentially huge discovery to come, a new, joint mission is put together very quickly to test out his theory.

But they are not alone. An alien race is there, heavily armed, and taking prisoners!


The Forerunners were a highly advanced race that had explored the galaxy then vanished leaving only artifacts and other remnants to show that they had once travelled between the stars.

As the current space-faring species explored the different worlds, some of those remains were discovered leading to leaps in technological advancements. This opened an area that independent explorers, specifically looking for artifacts, could make a profit by selling whatever knowledge they can glean when they uncover one of those rare gems.

Hebo and Dzesi are one such team of explorers, and when they run into Lissa and her survey team on a planet called Jonna, a new partnership begins that will propel them in front of a very well armed alien species that don’t care to share any new Forerunner discoveries with anyone.

The team discovers a Forerunner survey station on a planet orbiting a B5 Giant Sun, only fifteen light-years away from a recent collision of two black holes. But as they begin surveying the planet, a Guardian appears, disables their long range communications, and orders them to leave. As they are deciding their next course of action, a Susaian warship arrives and wants them to explore the planet directly, or be destroyed!


The idea of two black holes coming together is a great choice for a background theme, with all the other storylines building from that central idea. Through in hi-tech advances based on technology gleaned from artifacts left behind by an ancient race known as forerunners.

Okay. The premise is good. The five or six sub-stories are good individually. But by tossing all of these together, the author had to cover many different storylines to get them all to a common end.

It didn’t happen. The author chose to switch between them as chapter breaks, and the follow through tying it to the previous chapter, was marginal at best. Even after completing the novel, all that really stood out was the romance between the male and female lead characters, and that two black holes collided.