Guiding The Reader

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Let’s have a look at how the binge-drinking you say could be organized you now while you are planning this organization it’s important to remember that you must guide your reader through the ears don’t keep your organization secret it’s not a murder mystery novel use phrases like it is important to define these terms one of the one example of this is and look at statistics will clarify these points the first reason is its it these phrases help lead your reader to the information that you’re going to present now the third part of your we say is the conclusion the conclusion must give the reader a sense of closure you must restate your thesis and reiterate the implications and significance of the argument.

You want to enjoy we say strongly and positively often looking towards the future let’s have a look at example of a conclusion first we start by restating the thesis although inequalities can be perpetuated through the use of computer technologies these inequalities need not be reinforced by educators next we visit the main points again through the use of a social constructivist theory of learning and the development of essential skills it’s possible for technologies to promote positive social practice and finally we indicate the significance and closure of our topic educators must continually ask whether the use of technology in the classroom benefits some people at the expense of others and reinforces existing power relations in the end we must always find ways to ensure that technologies benefit all and actually serve to generate the society based on equality right now once you have an organization in place you’ve reached step 5 of the essay writing process and this is the drafting.

Stick drafting is simply the process of creating a logical flow of information from the notes that you have made if you’ve taken good summary response notes in the beginning this stage should be very easy okay so the essay is drafting it’s now time to get a response it’s important to hear what other people to say about what you have written you can visit a student learning center for feedback or you can work with a study partner from your course on that I’ll read your assignment you read mine basis you can ask a friend to give you honest feedback and if all else fails you can put the a set aside for a few days and then look at it with fresh eyes later on once you’ve got that feedback it’s time to make revisions there are four possible stages in revision you can add you can select you can move and you can change now some questions you might ask yourself when you’re thinking about what you might add or do I need more evidence do I need to explain the point Martha drummy more descriptive details most of the answers to these questions are yes when you’re considering what is subtract on the other hand.