How to Make Your Readers Believe

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This particular paper this is one of my papers from some time ago and right there after four lines of text I’ve got some typewriter font with an actual program right there and some and my hope is that somebody reads that and think ah I get I get an idea of what this paper is about now because it’s not phrased in vague abstract terms it’s raising some executable code so using an example it’s very good and it’s and it’s right up front right very very near the beginning I’m right there saying here is the problem I’m trying to solve okay and then there isn’t at this point enough enough space to say here’s how other people have solved it and you wonder need might need to say something about wife and interesting and important problem. Get to know more on Edusson.

But it can’t be to harder problem so I call this mountain’s versus mole hills so here’s an example of what you see at the beginning of some papers you know computer programs have bugs and bugs are very bad and you know cite reams of papers that say you know have software engineering statistics about the cost of fixing bugs right now when you read a paper like that does your blood begin to race do you begin to think wow I didn’t know that bugs were bad I didn’t know the lots of programs had bugs or that they were expensive ah this is a paper I absolutely must read is that what you think of course not you think oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah let’s get to the payload see what I mean it seems worthy it seems you know like good scholarship but it’s completely demotivating for your reader instead you want to cut very quickly to something such what I call describing a mountain you know you’re describing Mount Everest and it’s plain that your paper is not going to conquer Mount Everest.

Because that’s like a you know a thousand careers are going to you know still only be in the foothills you want to describe a little hill right a little Foothill that you’re going to conquer or at least make a decent assault on so here’s a you know consider this program this is actually a bit like this one right I gave a particular program here’s a little program it has a particular kind of bug in it you know look you can see the bug here so I’m going to tell you how to find this class of bugs right and I’m going to here and I’m going to give you some guarantees about that or at least I’m going to get interview good stat you see what I mean so you’ve you’ve made the problem small enough that it’s believable that you might solve it and also that a reader thinks oh actually that’s kind of interesting bug if you could really do that that would be pretty cool.