The Great Book to Read: Tatooine Ghost – Star Wars

The Great Book to Read: Tatooine Ghost – Star Wars

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Title: Tatooine Ghost – Star Wars

Author: Troy Denning

Publish Date: 2003

Publisher: LucasBooks

Type: Novel

Genre: Sci-Fi

Sub-Genre: Space Travel, Crime, Alien Encounters, Abduction, Armed Conflict, Romance, Space Empires, Adv. Technology

Plot Summary:

A special kind of painting disappeared in transit when Alderaan was blown up by the Death Star.

Now, years later, the painting has turned up at an auction on Tatooine, and with it the concerns of the New Republic Council that the secret that lies hidden within it may cause the deaths of many of their spies.

Leia has been dispatched to purchase the painting to prevent it’s loss and the information it contains. But word of its beauty is out, and a star Destroyer awaits Leia and her companions so that its commander can hang the painting in his own stateroom.

Leia has to get past the Imperials first, and then Tatooine itself before she can get the painting. All the while, she has to work through her feelings as the Force begins to guide and awaken within her.


Alderaan was totally destroyed by the Empire eight years ago. Art master pieces were in transit from another plat back to Alderaan when the Death Star attacked.

One particular piece of art held the key used to communicate between the New Republic Council and its spies throughout the Empire. But the painting disappeared and just turned up at a black market auction on Tatooine.

Leia, along with her husband, Han, have been tasked to go to the auction and buy the painting and save its secret from getting out. But Imperial forces are there as well and the Solos must work with unscrupulous agents to conceal their identities and win the painting.

When the auction doesn’t go the way the Imperials want it to, a massive firefight breaks out and the painting is stolen–by one of Anakin Skywalker’s friends from his Podracing days.

With the Solos, and the Imperials on his tail, he heads off into the desert to protect his treasure, only to be captured by Tusken Raiders.

As Leia learns about her father from the locals, her feelings about him stir and the Force begins to guide her more strongly, helping her out of potential troubles as they all try to recover the painting.


Leia’s internal struggles sometimes affect her actions and at times put her and her friends in danger. But then, there is the electronic journal that was found that belonged to her grandmother, Shmi Skywalker. It was a constant reminder of Anakin’s youth, and of his young innocence.

Struggling with all of her emotions, the feeling for her husband, and the revelations that many on Tatooine feel that Anakin was a hero, Leia decides to follow her feeling regarding what she believes to be the Force guiding her.

Imperial troops, The Fighters, Star Destroyers, Tusken Raiders, and their “partners” from the auction all conspire to try and prevent Leia from getting the painting back into “safe” hands. The Force is with her!